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Adenosis is a benign (non-cancerous) breast condition in which the lobules (milk-producing glands) are enlarged, and there are more glands than usual.   adenosis is a benign breast condition that occurs in the lobules (milk-producing glands), causing them to become enlarged. Adenosis may cause a lump, or multiple lumps, that can be felt. If enlarged lobules are also being distorted, or pulled out of shape, by scar-like fibrous tissue, the condition is more specifically referred to as sclerosing adenosis. Adenosis of the breast is a benign lobulocentric proliferative process in which lobules are enlarged and increased in number in addition to an increased number of glands within each lobule.   adenosis may cause a lump that you or your doctor can feel. It also may show up on a mammogram as a distorted area, a mass, or calcifications, the small white calcium deposits that are sometimes associated with an underlying breast cancer. A biopsy is needed to tell the difference between adenosis and cancer.   adenosis of breast is a common type of breast tumor that is observed in young women. Sclerosing adenosis (sa) is a benign proliferative condition of the terminal duct lobular units characterized by an increased number of acini and their glands. It manifests as multiple small, firm, tender nodules, fibrous tissue, and variable microcysts within the breast. It is sometimes placed under the category of borderline breast disease. See also separate topics for each subtype apocrine adenosis adenosis with predominant apocrine cytology microglandular adenosis nonlobulocentric proliferation of mammary glands with an infiltrative pattern, lined by a single epithelial layer with a basement membrane sclerosing adenosis lobulocentric proliferation of glands (2 layers.). Twenty-seven cases of palpable andor tumour-forming adenosis in the female breast, called adenosis tumour, have been investigated. It is a rare lesion, which most often presents as a breast mass that clinically and histologically is sometimes misinterpreted as carcinoma. Adenosis is an abnormal glandular proliferation that is non-neoplastic that, dependent on the anatomical site, may be associated with an increased risk of malignancy.   blunt duct adenosis of breast is a benign tumor, and hence, its prognosis is excellent.

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