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Like childhood thumb sucking, adult thumb sucking may cause or worsen problems with bite and speech. If youre looking to stop thumb sucking, consider talking to your doctor.   the ada suggest a variety of ways that a parent or caregiver can encourage a child to stop sucking its thumb. An adult can also try similar tactics, such as bandaging the thumb. While most children outgrow or stop thumb sucking by the age of 5, some people continue into adulthood. Theres little research or data on adult thumb sucking, notes psychology today. This could be because people may hide the habit when they reach a certain age.   in contrast, adult thumb sucking is embarrassing, and it comes with the perks of being bullied or worse lead to the development of ill-shaped jaw and buck teeth. There are habit appliances that can help break the thumb sucking habit. If your child fails to stop thumb and finger sucking for a long period of time, they may end up needing additional orthodontic appliances or braces.   a covered thumb will not feel or taste the same as a bare thumb, and this is often enough to stop many childrens thumbsucking. Try a bandage, a finger cot, a small finger puppet, or a thumb guard. If thumbsucking occurs mainly at night, try putting a mitten or a sock over the hand. For some kids, a chat with the dentist about why its important to stop thumb sucking is more effective than a talk with mom or dad. Theres a lot of them who are quite successful, with adult responsibilities, he tells webmd.   in fact, its considered completely unsophisticated for an adult man pushing 30 to unwind after a long day with a nice thumb sucking. Well, im not going to stand idly by while all of you dry-thumbs look down your noses at me and the rest of the adult thumb sucking community.

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