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  legend of korra creators confirm gay romance between korra and asami the avatar series were always groundbreaking for childrens tv, and the finale of korra is no exception. Theres 0 evidence behind my belief & its contradicted numerous times, but the artistssic interpretation doesnt have to be everyones interpretation. No, what determines if a person is bi or gaylesbian is who will they willingly date from then on.   the legend of korra may have surprised and excited fans by revealing the relationship between avatar korra and asami, but it turns out korra isnt the first lgbtq avatar.   fans are still not over the legend of korra finale as the nick animation series surprised everyone by projecting a lesbian relationship between the avatar and her long time friend asami. Avatar korra is the title lead character in nickelodeons animated television series the legend of korra (a sequel to avatar the last airbender), in which she is depicted as the current incarnation of raavas avatar the spiritual embodiment of balance and change responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in the world. Although the romantic relationship between korra and asami sato has been confirmed by the creators of the legend of korra, it doesnt necessarily make korra a lesbian, as she has previously dated mako in the earlier seasons of the show. The legend of korra may have reached its conclusion, but it continues to have a long-lasting impact on the portrayal of lgbtq characters in childrens programming. Avatar korra endured the most intense battle she has yet experienced in order to save the world. The broken and bruised korra ventures on a journey of self-discovery and survival. Tropes aborted declaration of love, amazonian beauty, amicable exes, badass bisexual, battle couple, betty and veronica, big damn kiss, closet key, crush blush, has a type, held gaze, holding hands, irony - despite initially disliking asami, the two end up in a relationship.

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