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  orbs, also known as orbs of light, energy orbs, spirit orbs or ghost orbs, are generally seen as small, floating, self-illuminating, translucent spheres of various colors. Occasionally, orbs can appear quite large (several feetcentimeters in diameter), and can vary in geometric shape, such as to be diamond, triangular or square. In these cases, orbs are thought to represent halos, angels or deceased relatives a tiny manifestation of protective energy that we can see either through the naked eye or captured on film. Generally, if someone has an orb or multiple orbs that hang around, they are often more of a spiritual person, and may experience other paranormal.   what could cause an adult to see bright, revolving orbs of light at the sides of both eyes, intermittently, every day, sometimes even with eyes closed? The eye exam showed no cause. I do have more frequent headaches lately, but no history of migraines. Mostly flashes of light in my peripheral vision,but within the last year i have seen one particular one dead on. Mostly blackish,but i never get any negative feelings from it. I was told by a psychic that the one that im seeing dead on is my.   orbs are commonly found in photos but can be seen also with the naked eye, particularly around people or in highly energetic areas. As ive been sitting here typing all night, i have been noticing small streaks of silver light appear just within the inner periphery of my visual field (just saw another one) and if i had to describe what they look like, it would be luminescent sperm.   can you see orbs with the naked eye? For the past 3 nights in a row, ive seen an orb in my room moving about in the same spot each time. See it with the naked eye if you can see an orb with your naked eye, it may be a spirit orb. Deliberate movement pattern an orb you see with your naked eye or appearing on video that seems to have a deliberate movement pattern (as opposed to a random pattern a bug might fly in or a drifting pattern such as dust), it may be worth more. Paranormal enthusiasts notice two different types of orbs those seen by the naked eye, and those captured on camera. Whether either of these are evidence of spirit orbs is a hotly debated topic in the paranormal field.

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