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At the end of may, i had unprotected anonymous oral sex with a man. About a week later, i got a burning sensation in my throat, feeling similar to acid reflux. After a week of the sore throat, a slight earache accompanied it.   the symptoms you describe could be a common cold or strep throat, but they could also be caused by an infection you may have received during oral sex.   gonorrhea can be passed through oral sex, but the infection is more likely to be transmitted through anal or vaginal sex. Gonorrhea affects the throat, genitals, urinary tract, and rectum.   question hi i gave oral sex to a partner, the next morning my tounge was slighlty tinglingburning, i have now noticed (36 hours after giving oral) that i have a white spot on either side of my tonsils along with a slight sore throat, im very worried this could be something serious, im booked in to get checked out on monday but im looking for a peace of mind. Many sources say chlamydia can be acquried by fellatio, but they are mostly wrong its very rare if it occurs at all. (chlamydia does not readily infect the mouth and throat, so it is rare that anyone has it there -- thus no potential for transmission by oral sex.). Recently i performed oral sex on a boy, we did not use protection and a week after my throat started to burn. My glands are swollen as well as most of my throat, my neck is sore, and ive had a mild fever.

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