Can i be catholic and support gay marriage

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There are good answers here already, but what i think all of the answers overlook so far is that marriage is not a religious institution. In all of north america, almost all of europe, and the majority of the rest of the world, marriage is an enti. Supreme court decision striking down all state laws restricting marriage to a union between one man and one woman, public-opinion polls have shown significant levels of support for gay marriage among christians of all denominations, including catholics. Even though catholic moral teaching has consistently taught that sexual relations. Christians and especially catholics believe there is no such thing as same-sex marriage, by definition only a man and a woman can marry, according to divine law. Therefor i dont think that anybody can support the idea of gay marriage rights without opposing divine law and church teaching. Having said this, in my opinion it is possible for a christian to support common civil rights of gay.   im living proof you can be catholic and support gay marriage. Homosexuality especially same-sex marriage which is a sacrilege. What is the catholic churchs position on gay marriage? Is there a such thing as gay marriage? After all, if two people truly love each other, then why shouldnt they be allow allow to marry? This is probably the most popular question that people ask me by far (along with questions of transgender).   one, however, cannot support a gay christian marriage and remain completely catholic (or christian, for that matter). For example, i feel that if two menwomen are married by a (non-christian) city official, then thats not really a marriage that god recognizes, and its only a man-made construct.

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