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Nair and other depilatory creams are meant for external use only, and introducing harsh chemicals to your vagina can burn and cause internal injuries. Never leave the cream on for longer than the instructions say, as you can cause chemical burns, rashes, and irritation. If you take better precautions, you can probably use nair without a problem. This is also the case if you put nair on the wrong body parts. Your problem may have been a nair chemical burn on your vag lips. Nair can be applied to the outside of this area and the surrounding pubic area.   although you can use nair on dry skin, soaking your bikini area with a bit of warm to hot water will open up the hair follicles and make removal easier.   never ever put nair or any other hair removal cream directly onto your genitals. Nair and other depilatory creams are meant for external use only, and introducing harsh chemicals to your vagina can burn and cause internal injuries.   you can use it as long as you dont get it near your clitoris, vaginal home, inside lips ect, it literally just has to be the outside but buy nair that you can use for your legs ect.   i have been using nair on my vaginal area for years and nothing bad has ever happened. One day i was using it and went to wipe it off and oh my god it was the worse pain ever. I apparently got some of it on the inside of my vaginal lips and it burned me very bad. Hi i have chemical burns on my vulva and vagina from using nair can you tell me what ointment or something to put on it so it can be back to normal. When you used nair on your girly parts, you got some in your vagina, and it burned out your mucus lining and probably your extremely delicate skin inside your vagina. I used nair to shave my vagina and after it hurt but then it went away then the next day it itched a lot and was very uncomfertable and when i touched?   can i use nair to remove vagina hair? Help asap ? I normally shave but i have tons of razor bumps. Then i was curious to know if nair brazilian clay hair removal is a good product to use on my vagina area ? My older sister uses it and she told me that it works fine for her.   i grab my hair gel (contains phosphoric acid) and neutralize the nair as best i can. After rinsing the hair gel out of her vag, she got out of the shower and took a peek at the damage.

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