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Social norms that condone violence, use power over others, traditional constructs of masculinity, the subjugation of women, and silence about violence and abuse contribute to the occurrence of sexual violence. Oppression in all of its forms is among the root causes of sexual violence. Drug-facilitated sexual assault (dfsa), also known as predator rape, is a sexual assault carried out after the victim has become incapacitated due to having consumed alcoholic beverages or other drugs. Alcohol has been shown to play a disinhibiting role in certain types of sexual assault, as have some other drugs, notably cocaine.   the causes of rape and sexual assault go beyond the actions of individual men. They are rooted in a system that thrives on furthering sexist ideas that divide men against women. Sexual harassment is, above all, a manifestation of power relations women are much more likely to be victims of sexual harassment precisely because they more often than men lack power, are in more vulnerable and insecure positions, lack self confidence, or have been socialized to suffer in silence.   sexual activity forced upon another without valid consent is sexual assault. Myth it is not sexual assault if it happens after drinking or taking drugs. Fact being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not an invitation for sexual activity. A person under the influence does not cause others to assault herhim others choose to take. This resource from the colorado coalition against sexual assault, a 17-page synthesis of root causes theories with a full bibliography, describes each of the two major sexual assault theory areas and gives 2-3 paragraph explanations of each theory under the two categories. This will be helpful to people attempting to understand the state of current (and past) research on the root causes of. Sexual violence happens in every community and affects people of all genders and ages. This includes words and actions of a sexual nature against a persons will and without their consent. A person may use force, threats, manipulation, or coercion to commit sexual violence. The article by jenny 1 in the july 1988 issue of ajdc represents a disturbing setback in our understanding of sexual assault that has developed over the past 20 years. 2 the focus on risk-taking behaviors such as alcohol use or agreeing to go into a car or house with a recent acquaintance implies that these women caused or were to blame for their assaults.   research also shows that about half of sexual assault victims had been drinking. 8 however, this does not mean that drinking causes sexual assault or that the violence is the victims fault. Many attackers use alcohol as a way to make you drunk and unable to consent, understand what is happening, or remember the assault. Causes of sexual abuse psycho-social factors of sexual offence and psychological theories of sexual abuse 10.

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