Damage ureters during vaginal laproscopic hysterectomy

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The risk of injury associated with vaginal hysterectomy tended to be less than with other types of hysterectomy, being four times less than abdominal total procedures for prolapse (chisquare, p 0. 001) and about half the rate of abdominal hysterectomy for fibroids (chisquare, p 0.). The risk of ureteral injury at vaginal hysterectomy is higher (0. 07), and almost all such injuries occur when the surgery is done for prolapse. 2 the main reason is the inability to see and sometimes palpate the ureter during vaginal surgery as compared to an open procedure. I had a laproscopic vaginal removal hysterectomy in april and the doctor happened to knick (cauterize) both ureters. Best possible solution to fix this will be to have yet another surgical procedure to take the scar tissued area of the ureters out and re-attach the ureter to the bladder. It has been reported that 52-82 of operative ureteric injuries occur during gynecologic surgery. Most of these injuries occur during the performance of hysterectomies. 03 of laparoscopic and vaginal hysterectomies respectively(3,4,5,6,8,9,10,13,17,18.). The obstruction caused damage of vegas bladder, and it necessitated extensive treatment. Vega claimed that the obstruction was a result of an injury that occurred during the hysterectomy. Vega alleged that soskin and the hospitals staff failed to properly perform the hysterectomy. Damage to the bladder, ureters (the tubes that drain the kidneys into the bladder), and to the bowel damage occurs in less than 1 of surgeries. There are a wide range of bladder injuries during laparoscopic procedures. In the studied articles, the incidence of bladder injury during laparoscopic procedures ranged from 0. Most frequently, these injuries occurred during laparoscopic-assisted vaginal hysterectomy.   reading all the cases of ureter damage during laproscopic hysterectomy, i am wondering if anyone out there has been able to sue their doctor, or receive.   the ureters are tubes that allow urine to move from the kidneys to the bladder. They are approximately 10 inches long and extend from the abdomen to the pelvic region. Because of their close proximity to the genital tract, there is a risk of injury for them during gynecological surgeries.

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