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  all donuts except filled donuts have to have holes in them or else they wont cook evenly. Some are just round and have filling on the inside, like jelly donuts.   the reason for donuts having holes is actually very practical, and it doesnt have to do with creating a donut hole side business. Its thought that the inventor of the donut hole was a sailor on a ship in 1847 (via wonderopolis). He didnt like how the fried cakes the cook served were always doughy and greasy in the middle, and he decided to punch a hole in the middle of the raw dough so that.   ok, maybe donuts have holes so they can be stacked on a dowel like bagels. But, then, why do bagels have holes? One way or the other, someone had to start making something with holes in the center for some reason other in imitation of something else. But for those that do, it is possible they have them so that they can be easier pulled from a pot or vat one story by a claimant to their supposed. In truth, though, many donuts with holes dont actually have any dough cut out of them to make their shape. Instead, special machines spray dough into a fryer in a circular pattern. There are things like donut bites which dont have holes at all.   do donuts need to have holes to be classified as donuts on march 11, 2014, 102544 am just a few weeks ago my teems speech team season ended.

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