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The reason an orgasm feels so good is because you glans are 100 stimulated, and warm ejaculate squirts out of the penis.   there are a slew of reasons why you would hold in your pee you dont want to miss a scene in the movie youre watching, youre not near a restroom, or you. In other words, yes, you may have to pee but its probably not as much of an emergency as you think it is.   alright, now i know this is too much info for just about everyone, but heres the deal when im making love if you will, i feel like i have to pee. But i am so afraid to pee that i start jerking and kicking my boyfriend because i dont want to orgasm. You usually feel like you have to go often but dont make much pee. You also may have nausea, fever, chills, and serious pain in your side and back that branches down to your groin in waves.   you feel the approaching sneeze and instinctively tense up because you know whats coming youre likely going to pee when you sneeze. The reason it feels good to a women is becuase the clittoris is much larger then the glans that are on the outside the average clittoris is about 4 inches in length. And is made up of the same materiel as a mans penis is swells with blood including the inner part a womens bladder is actually in front of the vagina meaning its closer to the stomach then the vaginawomb.   why you feel aroused when you need to pee although there isnt specific research on the subject, feeling aroused with a full bladder is more common than you might think, says sherry ross, m. , ob-gyn and womens health expert in santa monica, california.   haha im a girl, but anyways when i have to pee im really horny so that feels good so holdin it back acually feels good lol that sounds weird. Sigmund freud, a renowned psychologist had invented the concept of libido, that is the sexual drive or energy. At various points of the life cycle, this libido is concentrated on various parts of the body.

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