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  if fixation occurs at this stage, freud believed the individual would have issues with dependency or aggression. Oral fixation can result in problems with drinking, eating, smoking, or nail-biting. The anal stage age range 1 to 3 years erogenous zone bowel and bladder control.   a fixation is a persistent focus of the ids pleasure-seeking energies at an earlier stage of psychosexual development. These fixations occur when an issue or conflict in a psychosexual stage remains unresolved, leaving the individual focused on this stage and unable to move onto the next. Anal stage, in freudian psychoanalytic theory, the period in a childs psychosexual development during which the childs main concerns are with the processes of elimination. The anal stage, generally the second and third years of life, is held to be significant for the childs later development because the acquisition of bowel control is presumed to be connected to other forms of self. In psychoanalysis the anal stage is said to follow the oral stage of infantearly-childhood development. This is a time when an infants attention moves from oral stimulation to anal stimulation (including the bowels and bladder), usually synchronous with learning to control their excretory functions, a time of toilet training. Freud theorized that children who experience conflicts during this. Anal fixation synonyms, anal fixation pronunciation, anal fixation translation, english dictionary definition of anal fixation. N a person who exhibits anal personality traits adj exhibiting anal personality traits adj. Anal retentive - a stage in psychosexual development when the.   freud thought that an oral-stage fixation could show up later as aggression or dependency, expressing itself through compulsive habits such as smoking, overeating, and excessive drinking. Freud characterized the anal stage as a shift of erogenous zones from the mouth to the anus and a focus on successful toilet training. The anal retentive personality is stingy, with a compulsive seeking of order and tidiness. The anal expulsive personality is an opposite of the anal retentive personality, and has a lack of self control, being generally messy and careless. Fixation in the anal period leads to several awkwardness in the later life. This may lead to excessive cleanliness, pedantry, obstinacy, petulance and miserliness. All these behaviours are indications of some kinds of reaction formation due to excessive fixation in the anal stage.

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