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Ftmn chest reconstruction removes nearly all underlying fat and tissue (including milk producing ducts and glands) to give the appearance of a masculine-looking chest. In some cases, chest reconstruction surgery also requires free nipple grafting (nipple removal and relocation) which typically results in a reduction in nipple sensation. This female-to-male (ftm) or gender reassignment surgery (grs) allows the patient to live more easily in the male gender role and facilitates a real-life experience. Top surgery includes bilateral mastectomy (removal of the breasts) and male chest contouring and is one of the most frequent female to male surgeries performed. Female-to-male (ftm) top surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to masculinize the chest of those who were born with an incorrect physical gender at birth. It allows you to create a flat, contoured, masculine chest that appears natural. Male breast reduction ftm top surgery treatment procedure & recovery time. Ftm top surgery faqs -q - why ftm top surgery or ftm breast removal needed? Ans- breast is a normal finding in females, but some females develope gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria & they need breast removal so that they can live like male. Transgender men may consider breast removal surgery at any point during their transition. This procedure is often referred to as top surgery or female-to-male (ftm) chest surgery.   so i got first stage bottom surgery (metoidioplasty) on the 13th january 2018 learn more about metoidioplasty here httpswww. Liposuction this involves the removal of extra fattyglandular tissue from the breastarmpit area to help create a flatter contour. This procedure may sometimes be undertaken at the same time as the mastectomy (removal of the breast) or at a later date, when post-operative swelling has subsided, allowing particular areas of concern to be. Ftmn chest reconstruction surgery, also known as top surgery, is a solution for transgender men or non-binary transgender people who experience discomfort or dysphoria associated with their chest or who wish to achieve a more masculine appearance by reducing the size of or removing their chest tissue.   female-to-male (ftm) or female-to-nonbinary (ftn) top surgery this surgery involves removing breast tissue and contouring the chest to reflect a flat, masculine, or male appearance.

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