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Today, my daughter admitted she struggles to keep a boyfriend because as soon as she shares with them her kink of fucking guys with strap-ons and occasionally inserting other items into them, they flee. As a father, this was way more info about my daughters sex life than i can handle. By im so wet, baby - 28112014 1727 - united kingdom today, while at work, i. Statistics today, i found out that my 7 friends, with a total of 23 past boyfriends in 11. Today, im 6 months pregnant and still dealing with morning sickness. Hi, im the girl who wrote this originally (ive since got an account so changed my name-.). Your instinct was right, because its good to laugh life off. Today, my visually impaired mother walked in on me and my boyfriend having sex. Volcanic eruption today, while getting a lump in my private region examined by a very. This phrase gained popularity from the epic movie superbad (fat mexican who hates life). It is a common phrase used by 4 members of the 3rd floor whores rb, sc, ab, and fa. It is used when a person is under heavy stress or pressure, or just walked out of a brutal examtest or just did something really retarded and regrets it. Sad, upset, dead, done, michael scott sad upset dead done michael scott. Movie, college, accepted, justin long, fuck my life movie college accepted justin long fuck my life.   this video means so much to me! Im so excited to finally be able to ruin your life! Ruin my life available at itunes httpsmarturl. Fuck my life note this page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. Rude slang an expression of ones frustration with a situation gone awry. Fuck love lyrics ooh, baby, i need you in my life, in my life please, bae, dont go switchin sides, switchin sides i swear this is where you reside, you reside please, bae, dont go.   im not here to tell you, its ok, youll figure it out one day, or where you are is exactly where youre meant to be or trust the process. Keep your existential crisis in check with our selection of job and lifestyle ideas, delivered right to your inbox.

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