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  i find intimate gays things disgusting, but it is a human s choice and although there is a small clause in the bible that people interpret to mean that being gay is wrong, there is a much louder and important message to love ever person equally, no matter what and gay people are just the same as us and should be treated like that, because they are ordinary humans that too.   paris hilton is under fire for comments she made about gay men. Men are disgusting men are trash men are shit men are stupid lgbt lgbtq lgbt rights lgbtqia lgbtpride okay but this is a little dangerous to post 1 note loading.   paris hilton continued to do damage control thursday apologizing for saying gay men were disgusting and probably had aids. Why do some people believe gay people are disgusting? Why did i myself used to feel disgusted by my attraction to men before i came to terms with my sexuality. My conclusion is perhaps controversial its because gay sex really is disgusting. But heres the caveat every other type of sex is also disgusting.   men spit a lot more than women, and if one can eat or drink a more putrid concoction than ones peers or become a virtuoso of disgusting body function sounds, one can attain a status in the. Id say when comes to the inappropriate, men and woman are tied in that category. Men may not be saints, but women arent exactly saints either. Women can be just as disgusting as men, the only difference is we only hear about the disgusting things men think about and do but never women.   ugandan president yoweri museveni has signed into law a bill that toughens penalties against gay people and defines some homosexual acts as crimes punishable.   recently a friend expressed how much it bothers her when gay men go on about how gross vaginas are. She feels its a betrayal of the unspoken alliance between gay men and straight ladies. I thought about how it bothers me too, but for different reasons. It bothers me because this hypothetical grossed-out gay isnt actually grossed out.

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