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Its counterintuitive, but having sex in the water can be tougher on your vagina than having it in a bed.   having sex in water sounds hot, but getting busy underwater can actually increase risk for infection, including stis.   having sex can introduce that bacteria into your vagina, which could put you at risk for infections that you dont want up there. Pool water, on the other hand, contains chemicals that could.   stop right there! As exotic as it sounds, having sex in the water (whether its an ocean, pool, lake, river, or even the bath), might be the worst idea youve had all day, apart from tanning.   regardless, in this position, either partner can manually stimulate the receivers genitals with a water-safe sex toy or their hands.   unless youre having sex in a hot tub full of lube (goals), its not the slippery, wet experience youd imagine. The truth is that water can dissolve your bodys natural lubrication, which can. Water sex can be an exciting way for you and your partner to get even closer than you were before not to mention, a little wet.   having sex in the water sounds like a good idea until you do it. Sex in the water is in every movie, tv show, and book, so obviously- it seems tempting.   having sex in water also doesnt decrease your chance of getting pregnant. Water may wash away your natural lubricant, but it isnt going to rid your body of ejaculate, says stubbs.   honestly, having sex by the water is better than actually being in the water, morse says. So be sure to have towels nearby if you decide to move the sexcapades to land.

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