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  to manually stretch your penis grip the head of your penis. Pull your penis upward, stretching it out for about 10 seconds. If you properly warm up and stretch your penile tissue, the ligaments surrounding the tissue and supporting your penis will also be stretched. Over time, like a rubber-band, they become more flexible and longer. If you can stretch those ligaments well your penis is going to look bigger, much bigger just like your finger looks longer when you extend it straight out. The great thing is, those ligaments just like the tunica albuginea will stretch when exposed to the correct force.   to manually stretch your penis grip the head of your penis. Pull your penis upward, stretching it out for about 10 seconds.   a-stretch stretching exercise hardness level 0 to 50 percent recommended reps 5. Use a cylindrical object, like your forearm, soda can, or a thick diameter pipe to perform this stretch. A-stretching step-by-step (how to) grip the shaft approximately one inch below the glans and pull straight out from the body.   gently wrap the tape or string one time around the thickest part of the shaft of the erect penis. Note where the ends of the tape meet thats the number youre looking for. If youre using string, mark where the end of the string meets the rest of it, then stretch out the string and use a ruler to measure the distance from the mark to the end. The warm water and moist air will help to soften and loosen the foreskin. Work slowly and carefully with your fingers to guide the foreskin back onto the shaft of your penis. As a teen or adult, you should clean beneath your foreskin every time you bathe anyway. Pull the foreskin back, use a mild soap and lots of water to gently clean the area.   how to stretch properly? Enhance your penis in the shower. If the foreskin is not long enough, you may need to stretch the frenulum. Take the foreskin where it connects to the frenulum just under the head of the penis between your index finger and thumb.   it is relatively easy to stretch, but you need to be careful. Use plenty of lube during stretching! This is the only way to prevent injuries, pain and discomfort.

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