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My neighbor heard i needed a part time job so she hired me to do handy work at her house for a few weeks. Single mom but kid is at college in another city she took a shower while i was in her house! She knew id be fixing her door in her bedroom but. Aight, so when i was laying down on the floor, i got an erection and i thought nobody would come in where i was at. Then my sister who was 19 at the time but is 20 now, came in. She was on the phone with her friend and i heard her say its big. When i was 12 and my sister was 14 , one night , my sister came to my bed and stated playing my dick. I was hard and stiff so i tried to remove bottom half dress of my sister but she was already naked. Does anybody else want there sister in law and what would you have her wear for you? My sister in law has a nice beyonce type ass that looks amazing in short shorts. Okay so i went in for a physical since ive been having some aches in my lower testicle area. My mom was worried so she insisted on me going even though i hate physicals. Ive never had sex or anything like that so i know its not like any kind of std. So i went in not knowing it was a female doctor performing the physical check up. Im not looking for an excuse to have sex with my wifes sister. When i was confronting her about cheating, she even said whilst crying do you want to fuck someone else. If itll make you forgive me, then do it, but please dont leave me. We were very close since young because we only had each other. She would ask me for relationshipsexual advise and i always help her. She would always say she would stop dating guys because she wanted to marry me. If you want to do something with your hot aunt (incest and all), bring it up (words, not dick) once, and then never mention it again. In your case right now, your aunt knows how you feel, knows that you feel without asking, and will decide what she wants to do about it. So my little sister was at the store when her friend came over and asked if my sister was here, i said no she went to the store with her cousin but you can come in and wait for her if youd like. So she came in sat on the couch and i brought her and me a soda each, we started talking and then i.   i want to share it with someone, i am so confused about it still. I have written some details because they are important to understand what really happened.

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