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  vaginal itching is an uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptom that often occurs due to irritating substances, infections, or menopause.   vulvar and vaginal itching are common and have many potential causes. Treatment pisal explains that a visit to your gp or gynaecologist will be necessary to have swabs taken to confirm the diagnosis.   irritation usually refers to pain, itching, or swelling in the vaginal area. It can affect any part of your vulva, including your labia, clitoris, urethra, and vaginal opening.   itching of the vagina or surrounding area can be a sign of infection. Itching, burning or irritation in a sensitive area like the vagina and vulva can be very uncomfortable. Some common causes of itching, burning and irritation in and around the vaginal area are bacterial or yeast infections, sexually transmitted diseases (stds), menopause and chemical irritants.   persistent vaginal itching that doesnt improve could be a sign of vulvar cancer. While this form of cancer is rare, vaginal itching is a common symptom. Vaginal itching and irritation can occur even if you dont have a vaginal infection. Vaginal itching and irritation are usually characterized by a tingling, stinging or burning sensation of the external skin surrounding the vaginal area. Vaginal irritation can be annoying and at the same time embarrassment. Ladies, youll understand this better if you have been having vaginal discomfort. Vaginal irritation is one of the common problems experienced by ladies, sometimes it is called itching but not actually itching (vaginal itching is a different ball game).   vaginal itching can be due to bacterial or yeast infections, eczema, or using harsh soaps and body washes that irritate the delicate skin around the vulva. Depending on the reason for the irritating vaginal itch, you may also experience burning, swelling, irritation, and an unpleasant vaginal odor with thicker discharge.

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