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I was putting 91 alcohol on it and the alcohol would get on the head of my penis. Ive been putting vaseline on it to try to get it back to its normal state and a weeks gone by and it still looks the same. The head of my penis does not come out the lips ( outer of parts ) of the foreskin is red as well. And first the 3 to four day i applied rubbing alcohol and my foreskin was getting hard and. Alcohol dries fast on its own so there is no need to dry the area after. Balanitis balanitis is a condition whereby the head of the penis and the foreskin surrounding it experience some.   effect of cleaning your penis with isopropyl alcohol ? My fwb always use isopropyl alcohol to washclean his penis after we have anal sex so does it desensitize the head of the penis if. Anyway, i applied the rubbing alcohol like 5 times to my flaccid penis and balls, it was extremely painful. I only applied it to the skin but not the head of the penis, although maybe a bit dripped on the head. Please head on over to our new webmd message boards to check out and participate in the great. I have a question after sex within 5 mins of it i use rubbing alcohol andor hydrogen peroxide on my special area. Is this a good way or bad way to prevent any type or disease. It would be my genital area more specificlly the penis and the.   a penis doesnt have germs that need to be killed with alcohol. Richard sarle answered rubbing alcohol this substance can be a bit harsh for the penis. Richard sarle answered rubbing alcohol this substance can be a bit harsh for the penis. Does rubbing alcohol on your penis damage it? 1 doctor answer. Try using lotion for now, and if you dont see an improvement, see a doctor to see if its something related to age (erectile disfunction) or if the alcohol has affected the cells in your penis. When alcohol ends up in the blood, and it eventually ends up in the brain. Does it matter if it goes through the stomach first? And can injecting alcohol be that bad if people used to use it as a.

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