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In a sample including 694 gay men and 894 straight men, it was found that 13. 9 of straight men were not right-handed, a non-significant difference. The study replicated the older brother effect for homosexual men, but unlike blanchard (2006)(see above), it found that the effect applied to both right-handed and left.   the canadian researchers suggest that being left-handed is one of the factors gay men are around 34 more likely to be left-handed than heterosexual men having one or. According to a 2003 study by canadian scientists, lesbians and gay men are more likely than others to be left-handed. Putting together the results of 20 previous studies that involved more than 23,000 men and women, the scientists concluded that the odds of being left-handed are 39 per cent higher in homosexuals than in heterosexuals. Left-handedness in homosexual men and women neuroendocrine implications psychoneuroendocrinology.   because that was how i was born and it was perfectly all right to be left handed. When it came to having gay offspring, she held the same attitude. Kenneth zucker of the university of toronto has found that gay men and women are more likely to be left-handed than the general public at large. The findings, reported in the psychological bulletin, lesbians have a 91 percent greater chance of being left-handed or ambidextrous than straight women, while gay men. A number of studies examining the relationship between handedness and sexual orientation have reported that a disproportionate minority of homosexual people exhibit left-handedness, though findings are mixed. A 2001 study also found that children who are assigned male at birth but have different gender identities were more than twice as likely to be left-handed than a clinical control group.   canadian scientists find more homosexuals left-handed date july 10, 2000 source university of toronto summary three canadian researchers have shown that left-handedness is more common in gay.   therefore, left-handed people and gay people have both a higher preference for the professions of artists than ordinary people. But, basically, being left-handed or being gay has nothing to do at all with each other. Myself, im left-handed and an artist, my best friend too, but none of us is gay.   to determine whether lefties were more likely to pursue creative careers than righties, the folks behind the left-handers club (a pro-leftie group dedicated to left-handed research and product.).

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