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  expert advice on the different factors that cause problems with climaxing in both men and women. Ive recently admitted i was lesbian to my best friend and were a couple now. Ive had a boyfriend before but this is another issue regarding sex. But there is something i found out that made me curious and maybe a little frightened at first.   and since as many as 75 per cent of straight women have trouble climaxing, itd be a smart idea to adopt any lessons we can from our lesbian friends, who know that 1. Youd be hard-pressed to find a lesbian couple who skips foreplay. The main female sexual problem, simply stated, is that many women dont have orgasms or have difficulty reaching orgasm. Ninety-five percent of women who arent having orgasms are actually pre-orgasmic they are capable of orgasm, but they need help learning how to achieve orgasm. Lots of people have difficulties with reaching orgasm from time to time. Relates sex therapists provide helpful ways to talk about the issue with your partner and offer confidential support if you need it.   a lot of the advice i read online on this topic was far from encouraging.   some facts of life are sad but true, and one of these facts is that climaxing for many women is anything but easy. In fact, the cleveland clinic reports that a mere 10 of women can easily achieve.   listen, theres a reason that the go-to oral sex position is a go-to. With your partner laying on their back, you can access all of their pleasure spots while also staying comfortable yourself. A 2018 study found that 86 of lesbian women said they usually or always orgasm during sex, compared to just 66 of bisexual women and 65 of heterosexual women. For others, a medical condition or side effects from a medication may be causing.

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