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  lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge are both common symptoms that most women experience at some point in their life. Learn here about some of the most common causes of vaginal discharge and.   a person may have abdominal cramps and vaginal discharge for many reasons, including menstruation, endometriosis, and vaginal infections. When you experience slimy vaginal discharge along with abdominal pain and cramps, the symptoms all could be caused by one illness or condition or may indicate separate problems 1 2. For example, certain sexually transmitted diseases, particularly gonorrhea, can cause a change in vaginal discharge and may progress to cause pain and cramps in the abdominal area 1 2. What can cause foul smelling in vaginal area and dark urine, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, yellowish vaginal discharge, spotting? Those symptoms may include fever, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, pain or burning during intercourse or urination, irregular menstrual periods and abdominal pain and cramps ic. Com pain and tenderness spread throughout the lower abdomen pelvic pain increased foul - smelling vaginal discharge fever and chills vomiting and nausea.   lower back pain and vaginal discharge are common on their own. When they occur together, this can point to specific medical issues. In this article, learn about seven possible causes of both lower. Diffuse pain and tenderness in the lower abdomen pelvic pain increased foul-smelling vaginal discharge fever and chills vomiting and nausea pain during sexual intercourse columbiadoctors. Excess vaginal discharge sour tasting clumpy watery discharge, burning while urinating, itchy anus, foul smelling urine excessive discolored think foul smelling discharge, lower abdomen & back pain, pain during sex ect. If cervical cancer lacks oxygen, some cells may die off, infecting the tumor. The infection creates a foul smelling vaginal discharge, which serves as another sign of cervical cancer. This continuous discharge may be pale, watery, brown, or mixed with blood.

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