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Scholars have also stated that masturbation would not be necessary if one realizes the flexible approach islam takes to marriage. For example, according to sheikh shomeh yerkity, against the clear teachings of islam, marriage has been rendered another difficult process today due to warped customs and conventions and undue expectations. Beloved and dear brother in islam, both zina (adultery or fornication) and masturbation are extremely sinful acts in the sight of allah subhanah but if one has to make a comparison between the two sins, then obviously the sin of zina is much much larger than the sin of masturbation. If he or she fears that without masturbation heshe will commit zina, and 3. If the masturbation here is, rather than fulfilling a sexual desire, just to release the sexual tension resulting from stimulation. I conclude that the general principles of shariah go against this habit,. Shaykh al-islam ibn taymiyah was asked about masturbation and he replied with regard to masturbation, the basic ruling is that it is haraam according to the majority of scholars, and the one who does it should be given a tazeer punishment, but it is not like zina.   is masturbation permissible in islam? Please subscribe to support the show! Questions httpwww. For example, if someone is afraid that he would commit a greater sin like zina or he will be harmed by some psychological disorders, then the ban on masturbation would be relaxed just to remove the hardship, based on the shariah principle that states that necessity is judged according to the circumstances that warrant it. See islam and masturbation the two evidences cited are possibly defective. In some cases, masturbation is permissible and can be a lesser of two evils, such as committing zina versus masturbation. This was the position of ahmad ibn hanbal and ibn qayaam al jazawi, for example. I personally believe that masturbation is not haram, and in our times of pornography, highly sexualized. Masturbation is only permitted if a person fears that he may end up committing zina no doubt the prohibition on zina is more emphatic, and it is more abhorrent and reprehensible. Hence it is permissible to commit the lesser of two evils so as to ward off the greater.

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