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The tale of rick grimes and his walker-battling friends gets a twisted retelling when the robot chicken nerd visits the walking dead museum and meets an aging survivor. The only way to describe it is sealab 2021 (adult swim) with a star trek setting. But since sealab is a little obscure another way to put it is south park meets star trek, as the story lines revolve around poking fun at the star trek themes. More outer space astronauts, please! 9 out of 11 found this helpful.   my own version to the robot chicken sketch monkeynauts funny show and i thought itd be funny to do my own version of it wit mfjm. Planets are celestial bodies that orbit stars and form a system. Our solar system contains eight bodies (formerly nine, but pluto was declassified). Planets banana planet a giant banana floating in space, home of the banana planet monkeys. Ghost planet the planet where space ghost coast to coast, and toonami originally terminated.   the best and worst tv shows about outer space only a select few have been to outer space, and they havent gone very far.   to combat this, astronauts will sometimes wear some variation of adult diapers, such as the roll-on cuff that john glenn wore in 1962. As popular science explains, these days, international space station astronauts are equipped with state-of-the-art adult diapers that can recycle liquid waste and turn it into drinking water.   want more? Full episodes of tim and eric awesome show, great job! In full and for free on all 4. In space, the astronauts are aided by mission control and colleague astronauts on the station. A typical training session lasts up to six hours confined in the spacesuit 12 m underwater. Thomas conducted this spacewalk training with colleague esa astronaut andreas mogensen, both members of esas class of 2009 astronauts.   swim through what? I assume you are referring to suited astronauts who have gone outside their spacecraft, such as in this photo of ron evans going out to retrieve film from the service module during apollo 17. For example, astronauts assigned to the sts-61 mission (space shuttle endeavor, december 1993) were tasked with fixing the optics of the hubble space telescope. Therefore, their training involved working with a full-sized model of the telescope in the neutral buoyancy simulator at the marshall space flight center in huntsville, ala.

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