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Most people dont realize that they have a septate hymen until they begin menstruating or try to have sex. With a septate hymen, it may be difficult to insert or remove a tampon because the vaginal opening is partially blocked. A septate hymen is when there is a small piece of skin sitting vertically from top to bottom so there are two holes in the hymen. The hymen is a thin membrane shaped like a half moon that partially covers the opening of a young girls vagina, allowing space for menstrual blood to flow out. A septate hymen is when this thin membrane has a band of extra tissue in the middle that creates two small vaginal openings instead of one, making it difficult to get a tampon in or out.   welcome to my little corner! Heres what ive been going through for the past year. Septate hymen a septate hymen refers to a band of extra hymeneal tissue running vertically in the area of the normal hymen. A hymeneal septum may interfere with a womans ability in insert a tampon or she may find that she can insert the tampon but once it expands with blood, she cannot remove the tampon. How will septate hymen affect my daughters sex life and fertility? After a septate hymen is successfully removed or tears on its own, your daughter should have a normal sexual and reproductive life. If a septate hymen isnt removed, it will create infertility or provide a form of natural contraception.   i know that i have a septate hymen, i was wondering would it hurt to cut it yourself. I would rather do it myself so that when i have sex it wont bleed. I have heard it hurts more to have sex with a septate hymen because it is in an awkward place, and not much fits up there without having it removed or broken. Septate hymen girlswomen with a septate hymen have two visible vaginal openings instead of the typical one, due to a thin extra band of tissue (septum) that runs through the middle.   septate hymen a septate hymen occurs when there is an extra band of tissue in the middle of the vaginal opening, causing two small holes, instead of one (it kind of looks like a nostril). Sometimes there can be extra tissues that result in opening in the middle known as split hymen or septate hymen. It is usually present since birth and occurs due to improper development of the hymen.

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