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When myths about child sexual abuse are accepted as truth, survivors may be more likely to stay silent. In order to break the silence and lower the risk of sexual abuse, you need to know the truth about sexual abuse. Myth victims cause the violence that has happened to them fact it doesnt matter what someone is wearing or how they are acting, no one asks to be raped. People who sexually assault often use force, threat, or injury. An absence of injuries does not indicate the victim consented. Discover 7 common myths about the sexual abuse and assault of boys and men. Understand why these myths can be serious obstacles to understanding and healing, and learn the facts around male sexual abuse and assault. Sexual abuse is any sexual activity that is unwanted, where a perpetrator uses force or coercion and the victim does not or is not able to give consent. The fall-out from sexual abuse can be so severe and the physical and psychological effects so. Sexual violence myths & facts there is a lot of information that circulates about sexual violence and the people affected by it. The south african male survivors of sexual abuse team (samsosa) have put together the most important and prevalent myths surrounding the common misconceptions of male sexual abuse. We wish the following information to inform you of the facts and increase awareness and a better understanding of sexual abuse against men. Any sexual act performed with a child has consequences for their emotional, physical, and psychological well-being. This myth persists because many people dont understand the range of behaviors that the term sexual abuse covers. Boys are less traumatized as victims of sexual abuse than girls. Children with disabilities are less likely to become victims of abuse than children without disabilities. 9 10 at least 20 of substantiated child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by females. Its an epidemic, and the only way to curtail it is to speak up, educate communities on preventing child abuse and neglect, and give neighborhoods the resources to seek help when they are struggling. Before that can all take place, though, there are many myths that hinder child abuse prevention, giving people false information to think.

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