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Suck hind tit be inferior is american english slang first recorded 1940. The old, old saying that the runt pig always sucks the hind teat is not so far wrong, as it quite approximates the condition that exists. The chester white journal, april 1921 entries related to suck.   the point is that sucks has become untethered from its past and carries no tawdry implications for those who use it. Collins english dictionary - complete & unabridged 2012 digital edition william collins sons & co. The online slang dictionary (american, english, and urban slang) login register forgot password resend confirmation. The expression that sucks seems to be predominantly connected to the reduction of a colloquial expression for fellatio as it is metaphorically applied to any disgusting or contemptible situation. Slang sense of be contemptible first attested 1971 (the underlying notion is of fellatio). It sucks is often used as an interjection in a bad situation. Go suck an egg! Became a popular male slang insult, similar to go fly. Sucker meaning young mammal before it is weaned, late 14c. Slang meaning person who is easily see definitions of sucker.

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