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  taking the piss is a commonwealth pejorative term meaning to take liberties at the expense of others, or to be joking, or to be otherwise unreasonable. ) it is a shortening of the idiom taking the piss out of, which is an expression meaning to mock, tease, joke, ridicule, or scoff. It is not to be confused with taking a piss, which refers to the act. Not to be confused with taking the piss phrase used it the uk to describe the action of taking advantage of the situation, in particular at work. What does take the piss expression mean? Definitions by the largest idiom dictionary. Its now often used when people take liberties and dont care about the consequences, for instance someone living in a nice house and trashing it or ridings roughshod over neighbours, knowing he wont get evicted by the authorities.   shot & edited by - domcbenfilms artist - shely 210 beat - creationkit. Taking the mickey is indeed a sanitised version of the more bladder-related taking the piss, but only insofar as it assumes ignorance of rhyming slang. Just as no-one would be offended if called a berk unless they knew the derivation of the term.

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