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  if your vagina is tingling, this might be the explanation. Depending on the situation, your vagina can sometimes feel wet, itchy, burning, or swollen.   if you want to see a true treasure of human anatomy, then look no further than the vagina. This started 2-3 days ago, ive been feeling weird tingling sensation in my vagina after i pee. I doesnt burn nor do i have pain it just after i feel i have a weird sensation.   tingling vagina tingling vagina is listed as an alternate name or description for symptom vaginal paresthesia tingling. Causes of vaginal paresthesia tingling (tingling vagina) see detailed list of causes below. Itching or burning, numbness or tingling, vaginal discharge and vaginal odor. It can come as quite a surprise to feel vibrating or buzzing in or near your vagina. And while there could be any number of reasons for it, its probably not cause for concern. Pudendal neuralgia almost always leads to pain in the groin region, but it can also cause numbness and tingling that can affect the labia, vulva, vagina, perineum, and anus. Cauda equina syndrome cauda equine syndrome is an uncommon neurological condition is caused by a large disc herniation in the lower back in many cases.   every vagina has some sort of discharge, its what comes with the ladybits. Not only does this yeast protect your layers, but it is a signal that everything is functioning correctly and your. Feeling itching inside the vagina, i had gone through a c section delivery in december 2019, got 3-5 stitches. One stitch is leaking water now whichs medicine is going on currently.   this section discusses 10 medical conditions causing vaginal paresthesia tingling. A simple discussion of these causes with additional information is below.

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