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  june 5, 2003 -- blame dirty pools for the recent upswing in swimming pool infections. The reason swimming pool inspections are inadequate, a cdc study suggests. Although swimming does not cause a yeast infection, the chlorinated water from swimming pools can cause irritation in sensitive areas including the vulva, or exterior female sexual organs. Vulvodynia is ongoing pain in the vulvar area which causes burning, soreness, itching and irritation -- symptoms similar to a yeast infection.   but swimming pools can indeed cause vaginal yeast infections, most probably due to the chemicals in the pool that can alter your vaginal ph making it easier for candida (which is a part of your vaginal flora) to start multiplying. Swimming & yeast infections learn more many people who experience a uti notice pain and discomfort in the urinary tract, a frequent need to urinate, a foul smell in the urine, blood or pus in the urine, fever or a burning sensation while urinating. Chlorine, among others, is known to be an irritating chemical. The combination of various factors is most likely the reason why swimming is a well-known risk factor for vaginal infections. Preventing vaginal yeast infections starts with adequate hygiene.   swimming in pools, freshwater or oceans can put you at risk of infection and disease.   but crypto is far from the only disease lurking in public swimming pools. Coli or hepatitis a, are also transmitted from fecal matter that others then swallow in the pool. Any illness contracted by exposure to a swimming pool is broadly categorized as a recreational water illness (rwi). Hot tubs and lakes are other sources of water that may cause rwis. It may include infections, irritation and allergies of the skin, airways, ears and.   the majority of the infections that you can get from public swimming pools will be of the intestinal variety, and their effects can range from mild to severe.   urinary tract infections (utis) are another culprit of swimming pool season. A uti occurs when bacteria travels up the urethra and travels through the urine into the bladder.

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