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Its almost like you are convinced that you dont deserve to be happy and you dont deserve good things like love and happiness in life. Only an emotionally fucked up person would have this prespective about life, you cant afford to think life only has bad things in store for you, you need. I know, so many others have said it but if youre like me you dont believe any of them. None of them understand though, they have their friends and family all close to them. I woke up this morning to my dog barking so i looked outside. It was like 8 am and i was still tired so i just went back to bed. Fast forward to about an hour later, my dog hasnt stopped barking so im a bit nervous. Its about time for his walk so i put him on a leash and head to the back. Between 14 & about 20 ish - we all go through stages of feeling weirdly fucked up - it comes out in all kinds of odd self loathing and hatred - its just something we need to go through as we get older - if you had it a little tough growing up - it tends to be more likely to happen - you are going to be such a completely different person at 21 that this will be an odd but insightful time of. The phrase fucked up informally means when something is damaged physically or mentally or emotionally. In other words, if something is fucked up, its most likely very damaged. But, other words can be added to the phrase to change how strongly that thing is damaged. Â i worked hard to get through it, i even had hope back then. Â but now, after 24 whole goddamn years of absolute pain and agony, i havent gotten better, but i have gotten worse. So, to end this long and agonizing post, id say that its not the world thats fucked up, its people who are fucked up. People have become so materialistic, impatient, self-centered and greedy. If you want to make a change, start caring more about others. Find a job that does not require any experience, for example, cashier or waiter. If you can drive and has a car, try becoming a uber driver 2. Even though i have no desire to take my own life i have thought about it strongly more so now than before. Ill get into an argument and 2 minutes into the fight i have no idea why we were fighting. I have had many people through out my life tell me i am probably bipolar or manic depressive.   being wrong or even completely fucking up raise questions about our identity, and that causes a downward shame spiral.

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