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I cant really say if i enjoy the taste of semen because ive never had the experience of just tasting it by itself. What i mean by that is that by the time a guys semen ends up on my tongue ive been work. And theres the fact that eating semen is also found in the animal kingdom. Some female species do eat sperm like its food as part of the reproductive act. Yes, diet does change the taste but not in the way you think, pineapple jucie and cinnimon in high concentrations make semen sweeter and easier to swallow, and there are some asian foods that can make a guy come more. As an added bonus to this answer, i enjoy when a lady swallows only if she is genuinely enjoying the act too. You might not detect the sutile differences in the first encounters, but through time you will always spot a girl who does it just for convenience, and those who enjoy it as much as you do. The sexual master gentlemans online programme to becoming the best lover in bed httpswww.   okay, not all girls do this, and certainly not all of the time. Sometimes its an accident and you have to roll with it, and sometimes its completely voluntary.   actually, i have had a man lick his cum out of me, so to answer your question yes, its a huge turn-on for me. I get into a playful mood at times and it was one of those days, i was kidding him about cleaning up his mess. Undecided, but im hoping to have him do it very soon! I am turned on by the idea of him eating my pussy full of his cum, and if he is fingering me, if i suck his fingers clean and taste a mix of us there, i cum right away. He kisses me after blow jobs (this was our baby step towards cream pies) and he got into that, so fingers.   if you take these steps, anal can definitely be a treat both you and your partner enjoy. I absolutely love it its both a special occasion for my boyfriend and something i can cum from. I like it specifically because my orgasm is significantly stronger and in a completely different place when i cum through anal penetration.

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